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Hi! My name is Karole and this my site. I made this informative website as a project specially for Writing ESCO, which is an ESL and Web Development course. If you'd like to work with me, fill up the contact form found on this site. Below is my Resume, along with some examples of sites and articles or blog posts I made earlier.

Graduated with distinction from Shaw University
9 years of article writing experience (specifically intended for Online individuals)
7 years of web development experience.
Dedicated, self-motivated professional with a taste for facts.

Employment Experience.
Writing ESCO,2010 - Present
Team Leader
In control of preparing a international staff of internet writers to match a specialized set of increased objectives and goals.
- Make cutting edge records for production, increasing production by 30% across the globe
- Correctly managed regular logs of project distribution
- Managed QA for international generation over a sizable staff of internet writers

Self-employed Web Designer

Additional Expertise
Proficient in Hindustani
Outstanding proficiency utilizing huge choice of office software

Samples of my English writing work:

13 Weeks Pregnant

However, miscarriage can still happen even at the later phases of pregnancy but its risk has significantly lowered as the first trimester ends. Early pregnancy symptoms that may have begun to disappear in the 13th week include intense fatigue, food aversions, vomiting and nausea. The conceiving mother starts to regain her energy that has been quite lost at the early stages. However, many of them... To read more click here...

18 Weeks Pregnant

It is also during these times that she gets more comfortable with the physiological changes caused by pregnancy and that she is in a much better... More on this site..

24 Weeks Pregnant

One of the most obvious physical changes that take place in your body if you are 24 weeks pregnant is the enlarged belly. You will most likely outgrow your regular clothes. Since they can no longer comfortably fit, you will need to wear other... Source..

8 Weeks Pregnant

Although the size is very small, facial features like the nose and the lips are already taking shape. Legs also start to form. Tails are usually still present but they are already in the process of deterioration due to the formation of the... Read more..

Pregnancy Hormone

This hormone also increases blood circulation in the pelvic area that results in frequent urination during the first trimester of pregnancy. Another hormone that plays a big role during pregnancy is Progesterone. This hormone is responsible for a lot of things during pregnancy. It is an important component in the formation of the endometrial lining where the fertilized egg is going to implant. If the progesterone levels suddenly drop during pregnancy it... Source of information..

Spotting During Pregnancy

This is a type of pregnancy wherein the fertilized egg naturally attaches to an area outside the uterus. If the fertilized egg attaches to any of the fallopian tubes, this pregnancy is referred to as a tubal pregnancy. The spotting caused by ectopic pregnancy usually causes... More on this site..

Symptoms Of Pregnancy

There are many different signs if you are pregnant like missing a menstrual period, morning sickness, breast changes, frequent urination and fatigue. Nonetheless, these signs may be caused by some other factors and are not always necessarily indicative of pregnancy. If you want your suspected pregnancy to be confirmed, a blood or urine test can help you. There are several distinct myths regarding where and when you can... Continue reading..

Baby Boy Names

Apart from just finding a suitable name for a baby, for some people naming baby boys is a great deal. In the olden days, boys are considered to be the family’s standard name bearer naturally capable of carrying the family’s namesakes or surnames. Few decades ago the trend of baby boy names usually is affixed at the end with “Jr.”,... Click here to continue..

Baby Name Meanings

Isn’t it great to realize that a little angel is coming into parents’ lives soon? Of course, before that time comes, parents should think of a beautiful name for the angel. There are a lot of choices of baby names for boys and girls. Hence, there are baby names that are unisex. You can choose from the following suggestions and learn about baby name meanings. Abigail- it comes from the Greek word “abba” which... Click here to continue..

Baby Names And Their Meanings

There are thousands of baby names that are given by parents to their children. Each of these names has their... Continue reading..

Boy Names

With so many names to choose from the right decision can become very hard. Here are lists of baby boy names that are quite unique and traditional. The special name that will suit your boy might be included in this listing. Taylon – This... Click here to read more..

Cool Screen Names

Because these screen names are usually what other people see first, you have to make sure that your own screen name can catch their attention. According to the online... Find out more...

Irish Names

When it comes to simple tactile enjoyment of sound and interesting patterns there are no real comparison that can be made with the resonance of Irish names and their tonal music, interesting phonetic composition, unique... Click here to continue..

Italian Names

Here are the names that are regularly used: for the male we have Antonio, Luigi, Giuseppe, Francesco, Mario and Giovanni while for the females we have Anna, Maria, Giovanna, Rosa, and Giuseppina and Angela. These names may not be popularly used nowadays. All these... More on this page..

Last Name Generator

Today, there are already different programs that can generate patterns, fonts, usernames and even last names. Name generators are already becoming very useful in many aspects of life. A last name generator... Source of information..

Muslim Baby Names

  Muslim baby names are not only used by Muslims but also by people from different religions because of their innate beauty and uniqueness. If you are a parent to a child and you want to... Source of information..

Names For Girls

A name is the primary thing that will help you know who a person is. Names are traditionally given to be identified at the same time differentiated from the others. Most of the names have meaning on them; actually, maybe someone is named because of the meaning. Others are named... Continue reading..

Pretty Girl Names

New parents and parents to be are always excited in naming their newborn baby. For parents with newborn baby girl, parents would search then via internet for the lists of pretty girl names. Some would even buy books before their expected... Continue reading..

The Meaning Of Names

A name is a word or group of words specifically assigned to a particular place, thing, object or person. We may perish in this world but the reputation we give to our name as well as our legacy implicated with our personal name will remain and will be remembered beyond our life time. In the olden days choosing names for newborns are based from the book of almanac where the meaning of names and the... Continue reading..

Unique Baby Names

Presently, naming babies is becoming a greater big deal and is more commercialized with the increasingly business popularity of baby naming services, wherein some parents to be would even go to a great length of finding unique baby names through spending... Read more..

What Does My Name Mean

Next is Ethan, which means long-lived and firmness. Then, Michael, which is actually the question, “Who is similar to God?” Jayden means thankful and William means protection. For the girls the most popular name is Isabella which means, the promise of God. Next is Sophia, which means wisdom.Then Emma, derived from a German word which means, entire or universe. Followed by Olivia, meaning Olive tree. And lastly, Ava, which... Source of information..

Ankle Sprain

In the diagnosis of a sprained ankle, the doctor typically demands for an x-ray or other studies which will help him confirm the condition of your ankle joints, bones and muscles. At the stage when... Source of information..

Arthritis Symptoms

The term arthritis comes from arthron, a Greek word, and itis, a Latin word, which mean “joint” and “inflammation” respectively. The plural form of the term arthritis is arthritides. The musculoskeletal system is the one effected by this condition, specifically the joints. It is... To read more click here...

Aspergers Symptoms

There are many sufferers of this disorder who have sharp memories and display dexterity in a number of fields of study such as mathematics and science. The severity of aspergers symptoms varies from patient to patient. Those children with mild conditions of this syndrome do not undergo any form of medical diagnosis. Aspergers syndrome is often compared to autism. However, it is... Find out more...

Autism Symptoms

Autistic children are also believed to be poor performers in a number of imaginative and symbolic activities. These are the autism symptoms that are developed by the patients visibly. As mentioned above, the patient may not display some external symptoms of... Read more..

Blood Clots During Period

Except when the clots are far too consistent and also accompanied by pain a doctor is not needed. These kinds of clots are completely normal while having monthly periods. You could be one of the females who get worried quickly. Therefore, it is time to let those worries off your mind. According to the research, there are numerous reasons that lead to blood clots during monthly... Find out more...

Blood Pressure Chart

The number on top is the systolic pressure. The systolic pressure is the pressure of the heart while it is contracting. The number on the bottom is called the diastolic pressure. The diastolic pressure is the pressure of the heart while it is resting and is being refilled with blood. Since contraction is greater than rest when it comes to pressure, the systolic value is always bigger than the diastole. Blood pressure is measured by a BP apparatus... Find out more...

Brain Tumor Symptoms

But in general, a brain tumor is a group of cells that have grown abnormally and have clumped up in the brain. The tumor may have started in the brain itself or there might... Continue reading..

Clinical Depression

These medications however, aren’t the only cure for a person with depression. They even have side effects, has unfavorable reactions with other medicines and there are times that patients using them get tired and decided to quit. Alternative treatments: there are several ways on alternative treatments... Click here to read more..

Constipation Symptoms

Each one of us should pay so much attention to constipation and thus, we must not take it for granted. Ignoring this bowel problem will not make it disappear. In fact, doing so will even lead to more serious problems... More on this page..

Depression Test

People can also feel depressed due to day to day activities like failing the exam at school. Some medical conditions even cause depressed mood like hypothyroidism. But when a person’s depressed mood is prolonged that it affects the general health and well-being... To read more click here...

Dry Cough

Thus, it does not always lead to some forms of illness. Research states that it is one of the most common respiratory conditions that people all over the world experience. Since it does not choose whom... Continue reading..

Excessive Bleeding During Period

Even though fibroids are usually typical, often times, the physicians will not take them off. The issue is the fact that a lot of women are affected every month because of excessive bleeding... To read more click here...

Gender Predictor

A fertility clinic is a good place to visit for a pregnant woman. However, the gender determination may succeed or fail. Of course, you would never want to spend thousands of dollars on something that will never satisfy your curiosity about the gender of the little angel. In this case, you need... More on this site..

Glaucoma Symptoms

If this condition is not treated, the individual who suffers from side vision loss can also experience loss of central vision which eventually can lead to complete blindness.... To read more click here...

Hand Washing Facts

Hand washing is one of the most important activities that every person must practice doing correctly in a regular basis. As we all know, germs and other contaminants are found everywhere and the hands... More on this page..

Hangover Cures

Many people actually call sick to work the day after the party just to get some good sleep. This will allow the body to regain all the lost energy. A lot of people may drink a warm cup of coffee upon waking up. But this does not apply to everyone who has a hangover. Some people may be relieved and may feel awakened with coffee due to its caffeine content. But for some,... Source of information..

Heavy Period With Clots

You don't only worry about repeated changing protection and all sorts of thing that needed to do, particularly use a bathroom however a large decrease of blood could make you exhausted, anemic as well as distressed. For a lot of women, your best option agreed to them may be the birth... Continue reading..

HIV Symptoms

Because when a person is infected with HIV, symptoms do not necessarily show up instantaneously. Usually, it would take years before the first symptoms of HIV can be detected. But during all those years, HIV is already present in the system of the person and he or she can definitely infect other people as well. But there are also... More on this site..

Itchy Skin

There is also itchiness that does not affect how the skin looks like and there are cases wherein there will be redness, cracking of the skin, small blisters, bumps, leathery texture and even scaly feel to the itchy area. The immediate response of the human brain to itch is of course scratching the area. The problem with that is, as the person scratches the itchy part, the itch can get more intense. It may occasionally... Click here to continue..

Kidney Pain

As it fails to perform its vital functions, pain can be felt in the flank area. One of the most common kidney pain causes is the formation of a kidney stone. Some forms of kidney suffering are also caused by the infection of kidney and/or chronic diseases like polycystic kidney... Read more..